As contracting experts, we understand that getting the financial clout to maintain your home can be a huge undertaking — much less finding the money to improve it. However, making the investment required to propel your home into another decade is well worth it, and there are great channels for getting the financing you need. This is especially true when it comes to making your home more “green.” As solar panel installers, we’re very familiar with the financial rewards of installing solar in Arizona, and we’re happy to help you through that process and any other you’re wondering about.

Did you know that Arizona homeowners can have solar installed for zero upfront costs thanks to government grants? This is an incredible advantage that people in many other states don’t get to enjoy. As your home improvement allies, Fresh Home Solutions walks you through the process and ensures you get the maximum financial benefits. You’ll be saving money before the solar panel system is even installed!

Financing is available for other home improvements as well, so if you’re interested in learning about your options, contact our team. We’re always delighted to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities.



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