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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

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In Phoenix, there’s little reason not to go green. Arizona has some of the best incentive programs in the country to get your home up and running with energy-efficient technologies, particularly solar and Fresh Home Solutions wants to help you get in on the benefits!

Our state is obviously a hotbed for solar capabilities, with the highest amount of sunshine in the country. There’s a reason those rays emanate off the state flag. In recent years, Arizona has been making an effort to harness that energy in order to cut down on fossil fuel consumption and put a little money back into our consumer’s pockets. Here’s how we’ll go about it.

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Start With an Estimate

The first step to getting your solar-powered home up and running is a researched-based estimate on what your final cost would be. We take into consideration the size of the system your home can provide for, the wattage your family typically uses, how much energy you’d like to put back into the grid, and any unique features of your home that might help or hurt your solar capabilities.

During this process, we’ll also take into consideration the stability of your roof, and whether or not you’ll need some work done before your solar installation. Not that it’ll be a problem, as we can handle all your solar and roofing needs.

Permitting Process

To run a solar system from your home, you need the proper paperwork done. We’ll help you take care of most of this, unless there are extenuating circumstances, but in most instances, we should be able to bring the paperwork to you, get it signed, and have it turned in for approval. After that, we’ll dig a little deeper and help you get the local and national incentives available to help you go solar.

In some circumstances, you may be able to get solar installation at almost no cost to you.


After all the proper paperwork is approved and incentives have been taken advantage of, we can get started on your solar installation.

If you need any roofing repairs, we’ll take care of that first, to make sure you have a sound foundation for your new solar tech. After that, it’s just a matter of putting in the wiring and a bi-directional metering system before we can put on the racking system and attach your panels!

Call today for a free estimate and get started on your way to a solar-powered home!

Our crews are available to help you with:

Our Phoenix-based team of installers is ready to assist you with all your Solar Panel needs.  We are the best choice for your Solar Panel installation.Partner with us and we’ll replace your roof with GAF’s famous asphalt shingles, and we’ll include a high-end solar panel system with the installation, saving you time and money compared to hiring two separate contractors.

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