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The Benefits of Roof Retrofitting

The Benefits of Roof Retrofitting


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Replacing a roof is a giant project to take on, and sometimes it may not be worth it — maybe all you need is a roof retrofitting. At Fresh Home Solutions in Pheonix, we’re experienced in identifying problematic roofs and we know how to fix them. If all you need is a little updating, contact us today!

If you’re not quite sure what you need, here’s a little information on determining whether or not you need a roof retrofitting and what benefits you can expect to see from one. Aside from absorbing more of your time and money, there’s little that a roof replacement can do for you and your home that a retrofit can’t.


Why Retrofitting?

Quick and Affordable
Retrofitting provides a more affordable alternative than replacing your entire roof. It’s a good option if you care about you and your neighbors’ comfort during the process, as it’s a shorter process. Retrofitting benefits you in the short term by saving your wallet and in the long term by improving your living environment.

With a roof retrofit, you and your neighbors will be dealing with less heavy equipment, fewer workers, and less labor time. This all translates to benefits in savings and comfort. You won’t be paying for a large crew that’s taking their time and your neighbors won’t have to deal with debris on their property or the numerous downsides of having a large construction crew next door.

Healthy and Safe

While replacing a roof can be a lengthy process that exposes your house to dormant toxic particles and the possibility of debris falling into your framing and utility systems, a roof retrofit avoids this problem by putting a new layer over your existing roof. Not only can this layer prevent those problems, but it can also actually increase the strength of your roof.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, a roof retrofitting proves a more eco-friendly solution than a roof replacement because it avoids breaking down and replacing the materials involved. A roof refitting should seal up certain insulation problems, and it will require you to use less energy in the long run.

Contact Fresh Home Solutions to Learn More

There are many reasons to go with a roof retrofit, and, to put it simply, unless your current roof has health concerns attached to it– like asbestos, bacteria, or other toxic chemicals seeping through – then a retrofit is more affordable and convenient than a full roof replacement. Call Fresh Home Solutions today, and we’ll come out for a free appraisal!